We have been working diligently to re-open under the state and county guidelines.  It is currently a work in progress, as there is a lot to learn about the new way of experiencing our wines on-site.

We are open Wednesday-Sunday in Galt, 11:30 am - 5:00 pm for retail sales and club pick-ups.  Our tasting room in Lockeford is temporarily closed at this time.  As for the new protocols:  

  1. We are not allowed to pour wine in the tasting room at this time.
  2. We have outdoor seating for seated tastings in the surrounding area of the tasting room.  
  3. Please call us (916-812-5399) to make an appointment or visit our website to schedule your appointment.  There is a fee for tasting, which is waived for club members.

We have been making every attempt to open slowly as we adjust and adapt to this new system and new protocols. Your health and safety is a priority and we will be following all of the CDC guidelines including social distancing, increased sanitation, and wearing masks for table side service.

We appreciate your support through this extraordinary time.

Hanford Ranch Winery | 13200 Loll Road | Galt, CA 95632 
Contact us at (916) 812-5399 for more information regarding our wines or to schedule your wedding or event.

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Hanford Ranch  Wines 

Hanford Ranch Winery 

​​​​The Gateway to the Lodi Wine Country

White Wines

2017 Sauvignon Blanc – LODI: $29/Bottle/36 cases produced 

Our 2017 Sauvignon Blanc has a piercing instant aroma of herbaceous fruits, green apples, fresh cuts grass, lime citrus, and a hint of goose berries. 

2015 Pinot Gris – SONOMA:  $32/Bottle/36 cases produced         
ONLY AVAILABLE FOR PURCHASE AT OUR GALT LOCATION!  Visit our tasting room in Galt located just off Simmerhorn Road in East Galt, to try this beautiful rich and crisp Sonoma Pinot Gris.  
Limited inventory available.

2017 Pinot Gris – LODI:  $28/Bottle/85 cases produced       
Our 2017 Pinto Gris has a wonderfully soft and gentle perfumed nose with a very fragrant and spicy mid-palate and mildly acidic finish. 

2017 Barbera Rose – LODI:  $29/Bottle/27 cases produced         
Our 2017 Barber Rose, “The Pink Lady” is indeed special.  The grapes were grown in the Lodi Appellation that produced fantastic fruit.  Barbera is a red wine.  We press it off early to produce a Rose.  The skins stay in contact with the crushed juice for a short time before pressing off into the fermentation tanks.  On the nose you will experience orange and peach blossoms. As the wine coats your tongue, you can taste white peaches and white cherries.  The long lingering finish yields soft caramel and vanilla flavors.  At the end is a kiss of coriander spice. 

2017 Chardonnay – LODI:  $30/Bottle/27 cases produced  
Our 2017 Chardonnay, “Bombastic Butter” is indeed special.  With a very Smokey nose, this wine is unlike any other Chardonnay.  This pairs well with smoked Gouda cheese and smoked salmon. It also pairs nicely with a well-made Fettuccini Alfredo. 

Red Wines

2017 ZINFANDEL – LODI:  $32/Bottle/24 cases produced
This Zinfandel broods deep characteristics of deep rich flavors of blackberry, spice, oak and black pepper.  The nose is very floral and fruit forward.  This Zin if full bodied with a rich textured mouth feel.  It finishes with an array of additional dark raspberry and plum flavors.

2017 MALBEC – LODI:  $34/Bottle/29 cases produced
This Malbec is made from an Argentinian rootstock, not common in California.   It yields aromatics of pepper, spice, and dried fruits.  It is very fruit forward and has pleasant aromas on the nose.  On the pallet it yields full body, plus juicy fruit with lots of dried berry and fig undertones.  Its ripe style pairs well with meats and flavorful pastas.

ONLY AVAILABLE FOR PURCHASE AT OUR GALT LOCATION!  Visit our tasting room in Galt located just off Simmerhorn Road in East Galt, to try this beautiful, bold Cabernet!  Limited inventory available!